Let's Talk Turkey

Our "Let's Talk Turkey" trunk covers a vast amount of information all about the Wild Turkey. Inside you'll find turkey trivia, inflatable Jake and Hen decoys, a turkey foot, male and female scat (yes, there's a difference), a replica egg, real turkey feathers, and multiple easy-to-use turkey calls! For such a popular bird, the turkey has many unique characteristics that the general public knows little about! Your students will love learning facts about their adaptations, habitat, and history.

Additional TWA Wildlife Resources:

  • With TWA's Wildlife by Design programs, a member of TWA's Conservation Legacy team will come to the classroom with interactive wildlife-based curriculum, activities, and demonstrations.  Please visit with your regional contact for further information

  • Watch TWA's Distance Learning programs to increase your knowledge of the materials inside the trunk, to spark your students' interest, or as a great review after using our Discovery Trunks.  Available as On-demand Webinars and via videoconferencing.  Visit the Distance Learning webpage for more information.

    • We suggest watching the Let's Talk Turkey On-demand Webinar, as it best aligns with this Discovery Trunk.