Adaptation Investigations

There are over 1,200 species of animals native to Texas and wildlife biologists utilize a variety of methods to identify animals, aside from observing the animal in its habitat.  Our Adaptation Investigations Discovery Trunk allows students to examine the clues animals leave behind and participate in animal identification exercises.  Learn about animal adaptations by investigating skulls from 14 of the most recognizable native Texas animals along with molds of their tracks and replicas of their scat.

Additional TWA Wildlife Resources:

  • Adaptation Investigations CD items
  • With TWA's Wildlife by Design programs, a member of TWA's Conservation Legacy team will come to the classroom with interactive wildlife-based curriculum, activities, and demonstrations.  Please visit with your regional contact for further information

  • Watch TWA's Distance Learning programs to increase your knowledge of the materials inside the trunk, to spark your students' interest, or as a great review after using our Discovery Trunks.  Available as On-demand Webinars and via videoconferencing.  Visit the Distance Learning webpage for more information.

    • We suggest watching the ASI: Animal Skull Investigation and/or Food Chain Fun On-demand Webinars, as they best align with this Discovery Trunk.