Animal Adaptations

Your students can explore the major vertebrate groups while identifying various adaptations of select native Texas animals by examining their pelts, skulls, tracks, and more.  Students will learn to use field guides, books, and bird calls as tools to further explore animal adaptations.  Throughout the lessons, students are encouraged to research wildlife using not only the materials found in the trunk but through outdoor observation of wildlife as well.

Additional TWA Wildlife Resources:

  • Animal Adaptations CD items
  • With TWA's Wildlife by Design programs, a member of TWA's Conservation Legacy team will come to the classroom with interactive wildlife-based curriculum, activities, and demonstrations.  Please visit with your regional contact for further information

  • Watch TWA's Distance Learning programs to increase your knowledge of the materials inside the trunk, to spark your students' interest, or as a great review after using our Discovery Trunks.  Available as On-demand Webinars and via videoconferencing.  Visit the Distance Learning webpage for more information.

    • We suggest watching the ASI: Animal Skull Investigation and/or Food Chain Fun On-demand Webinars, as they best align with this Discovery Trunk.